March 14-15, 2013 (Waterford, MI)

3rd Annual
Waterford Open

  • UPDATED FORM: Event registration form updated on 9/15/2014.
  • HOST: Jennifer Franz, Century Bowl.
  • EVENT START TIME: 03/14 @ 12:00pm.
  • TOURNAMENT FIELD: Limited to (the first) 152 submitted entries.
  • JUNIOR GOLD: This IS a "Junior Gold" qualifying event.
  • DEADLINE: Entries limited to only MJMA members until 03/07/2015; if the tournament does not fill with members by the deadline date, it will be open to any bowler.

MJMA Hall Of Fame

(UPDATED 01/15/2015): Here you will find listed the names of individuals who won each tournament dating back to MJMA's inception.

MJMA Window Stickers!

There are new MJMA window stickers on sale, available through the tournament office at each event.

Currently, there are ~100 remaining and available for $5.00/ea. The proceeds will benefit the MJMA Scholarship Fund (that bowlers are competing for).

2014 - 2015 MJMA Rules & Application

NOTE: The 2014-2015 schedule was updated on 11/9/2014.

Below you'll find the "MJMA Rules & Regulations", the "MJMA Membership Application", the "MJMA Schedule", and the "Junior Gold Membership Application" for the 2014 - 2015 season.

Ensure you read through the MJMA "Rules and Regulations" BEFORE submitting your membership application.