The Michigan Junior Masters Association held it’s annual Adult – Junior Tournament at the friendly confines of Royal Scot Lanes once again this season. This annual event is a fun time and it is great to see the Mom’s, Dad’s and former MJMA members join with the current membership to see who ends up as the best team for this year.

The pattern was a little easier than expected and the scores sure showed it. Candyce Bradley (Farmington, MI) and her partner Novella Daniel led the ladies through the first six games of qualifying with a 2747 block while Alex Ouellette (Lindwood, MI) and his partner Dale Strike led the guys qualifying with a fabulous 2987 for six games. In all, it took an average of 208.25 per bowler on the ladies side and 229.58 on the guys side just to make the cut to match-play on Sunday.

The Sunday portion of matchplay saw scores continue to climb and teams were shuffling around most of the day, jockeying for a spot in the coveted stepladder finals. The ladies side saw three teams who were not in the top four after qualifying make jumps to get into the stepladders along with the high qualifiers of Bradley / Daniel. Monique Ragland (Flint, MI) and Sara Teuber went from 5th to 2nd, defending champions Taylor Davis (Burton, MI) and Aprl Voorhies went from 6th to 3rd and Hannah and Lindsey Ploof (Flint, MI) jumped from 7th to claim the final spot in the top four.

Davis / Voorhies started defense of their title against Ploof / Ploof and showed they weren’t going to give it up easy. An early four-bagger followed by a closing four-bagger in the 9th and 10th was just enough to offset Ploof / Ploof and advance with a 226-225 win. In the second round Ragland / Teuber just could not get the string of strikes going necessary to offset the five-bagger thrown by Davis / Voorhies as they cruised to another win 226-194. In the finals Bradley / Daniels knew they had their work cut out for them but had no idea what was coming. After a couple of spares to start the game, Davis / Voorhies strung the next 10 strikes to post a 279 and easily win their second Adult – Junior Championship 279-235.

The gentlemen had some switching around of their own as two teams jumped into the top five that were not there after qualifying. Ouellette / Strike maintained there hold on first place but knew whomever faced them in the finals was not going to be an easy match. Ryan Winters (Livonia, MI) and Brandon Tarabek jumped from 4th to 2nd overall while Jacob and Lenny Kersten (Clarkston, MI) took a jump from 7th to 3rd place. Rounding out the top five and facing each other in the opening match were Victor Riojas (Lansing, MI) and Michael Bradfield who finished fourth and Zach Brandt (Kalamazoo, MI) and Brandon Gibson came up from 6th to finish in the 5th spot.

In match one, Brandt / Gibson took a lead into the 7th frame thanks to a four-bagger but gave Riojas / Bradfield a chance in the 10th to tie the match by striking out. Riojas could not pull off the feat however and Brandt / Gibson advanced 216-196. Kersten / Kersten were next in line but Brandt / Gibson gave no room for error as they strung eight strikes in the first nine frames and advanced with a 265-183 win.

The semi-finals matched two former MJMA title holders in Gibson and Tarabek, who faced each other numerous times during their careers in MJMA. This time though it was winters / Tarabek getting off to the hot start throwing six strikes in the first nine frames while Brandt / Gibson lost some of the carry they had in previous matches. Winters / Tarabek stayed clean throughout the game to win the match and advance to the finals 226-169.

Ouellette / Strike were waiting their chance to cap the weekend they had led all the way through. Winters / Tarabek had other ideas as they were looking to erase the bad taste from last year when they lost in the finals of this same event. In what was one of the closest matches of the stepladders, Winters / Tarabek took a four pin lead into the ninth frame and then proceeded to fill out the game with nothing but strikes and cap their run with a 218-192 win in the final match.

In all we had 71 teams competing in this years event which is up from the 62 we had last season. It is always good to see the former players coming back to support the organization and the current members for this tournament. This years matchplay participants split up $6,000.00 in scholarships thanks in large part to our event sponsor, Brunswick Corporation. I want to thank everyone at Brunswick for their continued support of the Michigan Junior Masters Association and we look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.

In a couple of side notes from the event, we had nine, yes nine, 300 games shot during the course of the weekend and numerous 800 series as well. Matt Meuller led the charge by shooting three 300 games himself while Cory Hines set a state record for his six games in qualifying with a 1686 score. That put him third alltime for a six game block according to the USBC.

Congratulations to all our bowlers on another great event. We look forward to seeing everyone in March, after the high school season, in Richfield, Michigan for the innaugural Sagano Richfield Open on March 12th and 13th. Qualifying on Saturday, March 12th will begin at 11AM with an eight game block. Matchplay will be on Sunday, March 13th beginning at 9AM. Entry forms can be found on the website at or on the Facebook page at Michigan Junior Masters Association.

Look forward to seeing everyone again in March. Have a safe holiday season and a great high school bowling season.

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