The Michigan Junior Masters Association completed its 29th season in Monroe, Michigan with the Daniel C. Ottman Memorial Championships at the Monroe Sport Center. The Held family once again were excellent hosts as 45 qualifiers headed into Friday nights qualifying round all with the same dream of hoisting that Championship Eagle trophy on Sunday afternoon.

Ryan Winters (Livonia, MI) and Julia Huren (Westland, MI) led the field after the 18 games of qualifying and a group of twelve boys and six girls headed into the match‐play portion of the event. After the first six games, it was White and Huren still atop the leader board going into the second round of match play. Taylor Davis (Burton, MI) was making a charge up the girls positioning jumping from 6th place to 2nd place.

In the second match play round Huren and Winters still led the way going into the step ladder finals but others were making their charge. Huren was joined in the step ladders by Imari Blond (Flint, MI), Davis and Noelle Scheuer (Casco, MI) who grabbed the final spot for the finals. On the guys side, Alex Ouellette (Linwood, MI), Chase Kaufman (Swartz Creek, MI), Shane Barthlow (Chesterfield, MI) and Zachary Brandt (Kalamazoo, MI) joined White in the finals.

In the ladies first match Scheuer and Davis faced off and it was a struggle for Davis as Scheuer stayed clean through nine frames to put away the match early with a 193‐139 win and advance to the semi‐finals. Blond, the 14 year old newcomer, was next up and she showed why she was our number two qualifier. Blond and Scheuer were even through 5 frames and Blond had a chance to win the match in the tenth with the first strike but when she got nine, Scheuer won the match 184‐164 to meet Huren in the finals. In the championship match, things were going back and forth throughout the match and Huren took control with a late four-bagger going into the tenth but needing a mark in the tenth, Huren opened and gave the victory to Scheuer 193‐187.

The guys had their own drama shaping up starting in the very first match. Brandt, who had taken the 5th spot with a late charge, faced off with Barthlow who had made his own run up the ladder late in match play. Brandt and Barthlow went back and forth in this one but when Brandt threw a split in the ninth gave Barthlow the chance he needed and he closed the door with the strike he needed in the tenth to win 223‐210. Next up was Kaufman and this match too went down to the tenth as Kaufman threw the double he needed in the 10th and 11th frames to secure the win 171‐160 and advance to the semi‐finals against Ouellette.

Ouellette showed he was determined to make a serious run at the championship as he easily swept through his match, including the last six strikes, to win and advance to the finals 248‐171.

In the finals, Ouellette and Winters, the number one and two boys points leaders all season, faced off for what felt like the 50th time in stepladders. Winters struggled on the left lane as he could not find a double, even though he was hitting the pocket. Ouellette on the other hand, continued his dominance of the pattern as he started with six strikes in the first seven frames and put the match away with a 266‐185 victory.

Along with crowning two new champions, we also honored the year‐long accomplishments of our membership. Ryan Winters (Livonia, MI) and Taylor Davis (Burton, MI) earned Pro‐Am Bowling & Trophy Bowler‐of‐the‐Year awards, Davis for the second straight year, while Stephanie Schalk (Roseville, MI) and Kris Nouhan (Clinton Twp., MI) took home the John P. Gavie Rookie‐of‐the‐Year honors. An award in its third season, the Youth Achievement Award, sponsored by Turbo 2‐N‐1 which is given to the two bowlers who have the highest actual pin-fall for the regular season. The award was presented to Ryan Winters and Taylor Davis, here second straight win.

Another award that is voted on by the membership is the Ottman Sportsmanship award which symbolizes good sportsmanship both on and off the lanes. This years winners were Jacob Kersten (Clarkston, MI) and Julia Huren (Westland, MI). High average went to Julia Huren (190.33) while Ryan Winters took the guys side (210.27).

The Ottman Memorial Scholarship, two $1,000.00 scholarships, were also awarded on Friday night. This scholarship is applied for and requires our members to excell not only in bowling but in the classroom and community as well. A short essay is also required. These attributes were what Dan Ottman strove to enforce in the organization and giving back to the community was one of his biggest objectives for himself and everyone in the organization. This year our independent panel selected Jacob Kersten (Clarkston, MI) and Meghan Macunovich (Canton, MI) as this years winners. Congratulations to all our winners.

I want to thanks everyone including our sponsors, host centers and all the individuals who made this a very successful season. We are looking forward to another great season in our 30th year and hope to continue the growth of our membership and tournament sponsors into the coming seasons. Have a great summer and good luck to those going to Junior Gold in Metropolitan Indianapolis, IN. I know we can count on you to continue the success we have had at this event and place another person on Junior Team USA, which would be our 19th straight year with a member on the team.

Best wishes to all our graduating members as well. Their careers may be over in MJMA but I know they will continue to make names for themselves both inside and outside of the bowling community for years to come. We will miss you but please do not make yourselves strangers and remember Adult – Junior is in November this coming season.

Next season’s schedule will start on August 6th in Belleville at Lodge Lanes, our traditional kick‐off location. The rest of the schedule has been moved around to allow for high school competition and we are also looking to change up our formats for some events this coming season, including the addition of a U15 Division.

Mailers will be going out in the next few weeks so look for those in your mailbox soon.

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