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The Michigan Junior Masters Association completed its 31st season in Monroe, Michigan with the Daniel C. Ottman Memorial Championships at the Monroe Sport Center. The Held family once again were excellent hosts as 46 qualifiers headed into Friday night’s qualifying round all with the same dream of hoisting that Championship Eagle trophy on Sunday Afternoon.

Alex Ouellette (Linwood, MI) and Samantha Gainor (Chesterfield, MI) led the field after the 18 games of qualifying and a group of twelve boys and six girls headed into the match‐play portion of the event. After the first six games, it was Ouellette and Gainor still atop the leader board going into the second round of match play.

In the second match play round Ouellette still led the way going into the step ladder finals but Gainor had fallen to third place as Macailin Rodriguez (Kentwood, MI) took over the top spot on the final game of matchplay by one pin and Taylor Davis (Burton, MI) had jumped to second. The final spot in the stepladders was grabbed by Kaylee Johnson (Davison, MI). On the guys side, Ryan Winters (Livonia, MI), Antar Howard (Kalamazoo, MI), Jordan Nunn (Flint, MI) and Kyle McGrath (Davison, MI) joined Ouellette in the finals.

In the ladies first match Gainor jumped out to a quick lead and filled just enough frames to oust Johnson 206‐181 and moved to the semi‐finals against Davis. This match went back and forth but Gainor looked to have a hold on it until she opened in the ninth. Davis made it tough with a double in the tenth but Gainor got the spare and strike she needed to win the match and move into the finals 181‐179. Gainor faced off against Rodriguez in the final match for the title and it was tight until Rodriguez opened in the fifth. Gainor then took advantage and threw four strikes in the next five frames to open up a lead she would not let go off as she won her 5th MJMA title and first Championship Eagle 214‐173.

The guys had their own drama shaping up starting in the very first match. McGrath and Nunn faced off and Nunn jumped out quickly with a four‐bagger to start. McGrath was recovering but back to back splits in the 4th and 5th frames dug a hole he would not recover from and Nunn advanced with a 245‐193 win. Winters was next for Nunn and with the match pretty even after 5 frames, winters looked to take charge with a double but a split in the seventh gave Nunn life but not enough as Winters closed the door with a 201‐182 win.

In the semi‐finals Howard was awaiting Winters. Winters built a big lead after seven frames but opens in the eighth and tenth frames gave Howard a chance. Needing the first strike in the tenth to have a chance, Howard got nine and ended his quest for the title with a 201‐188 win by Winters.

That set up a rematch of last year’s championship final with Ouellette and Winters. Last year, it was Ouellette who walked away with the Eagle and he was looking to be the first back to back winner since Sean Black a couple of years ago. Ouellette jumped out fast with a three bagger while Winters opened in the first two frames. Ouellette however, would run into opens of his own in the 4th, 6th, and 8th frames to allow Winters, who found his stroke again, to open a lead that he would hold on to win his 12th MJMA title and first Championship Eagle 192‐165.

Our new U15 division was represented at Monroe for the very first time as three of our younger group made the tournament to vie for their portion of the scholarships as well. Zakarey Geer (Madison Heights, MI) led the group through the 18 games of qualifying while Samantha Lawson (Lansing, MI) took second and Cameron Klein (Taylor, MI) was third. These bowlers competed very well. When you look at their scores compared to the U20 group, Geer would have made match play by being in the top 12 and Lawson would have just missed by finishing 8th in a six girl cut to match play.

Lawson bowled Klein in match one and advanced with a 179‐104 win. Geer had other ideas though as he started quickly and built a lead that Lawson could not overcome and he took his 2nd MJMA title and the very first U15 Championship Eagle with a 181‐157 victory.

Along with crowning two new champions, we also honored the year‐long accomplishments of our membership. Alex Ouellette and Taylor Davis earned Pro‐Am Bowling & Trophy Bowler‐of‐the‐Year awards, Davis for the second straight year, while Candyce Bradley (Farmington, MI) and Jeffrey Lizewski II (Woodhaven, MI) took home the John P. Gavie Rookie‐of‐the‐Year honors. An award in its fourth season, the Youth Achievement Award, sponsored by Turbo 2‐N‐1 which is given to the two bowlers who have the highest actual pinfall for the regular season. The award was presented to Alex Ouellette and Taylor Davis, her third straight win.

Another award that is voted on by the membership is the Ottman Sportsmanship award which symbolizes good sportsmanship both on and off the lanes. This year’s winners were Antar Howard (Kalamazoo, MI) and Hannah Forton (Macomb, MI). High average went to Taylor Davis while Alex Ouellette took the guys side.

The Ottman Memorial Scholarship, two $1,000.00 scholarships, was also awarded on Friday night. This scholarship is applied for and requires our members to excel not only in bowling but in the classroom and community as well. A short essay is also required. These attributes were what Dan Ottman strove to enforce in the organization and giving back to the community was one of his biggest objectives for himself and everyone in the organization. This year our independent panel selected Joe Alvord (South Lyon, MI) and Meghan Macunovich (Canton, MI) as this year’s winners, both winning for the second time. Congratulations to all our winners.

I want to thank everyone including our sponsors, host centers and all the individuals who made this a very successful season. We are looking forward to another great season in our 32nd year and hope to continue the growth of our membership and tournament sponsors into the coming seasons. Have a great summer and good luck to those going to Junior Gold in Metropolitan Cleveland, OH. I know we can count on you to continue the success we have had at this event and place another person on Junior Team USA, which would be our 20th straight year with a member on the team.

Best wishes to all our graduating members as well. Their careers may be over in MJMA but I know they will continue to make names for themselves both inside and outside of the bowling community for years to come. We will miss you but please do not make yourselves strangers and remember Adult – Junior is in November this coming season.

Next season’s schedule will start on August 5th in Belleville at Lodge Lanes, our traditional kick‐off location. The rest of the schedule has been moved around to allow for high school competition and we are also looking to change up our formats for some events this coming season.

Mailers will be going out in the next few weeks so look for those in your mailbox soon!

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